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CTG Staff


  Becky Toma - Website Manager


  Barbara Thomas - Henrys Coordinator


CTG Board of Directors


2019 CTG Board of Directors (Year reflects January for reelection)



  Reece Livingstone (2020) President


  T. David Rutherford (2021) Vice President


  Iliana Barron (2022) Secretary



  Kaye Moss (2020), Treasurer

Members At Large:
  Steve Wilson (2022)
  Lisa Young (2022)
  Betty Hart (2020)

  Brian Miller (2020)
  Abner Genece (2021)

  Seth Palmer Harris (2021)
  Lia Kozatch (2021)
  Rebecca Gorman O’Neill (2022)
  Kristen Adele Calhoun (2021)
  Amanda Hoffman (2022)
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